Monday, April 20, 2015

More On Crystals and Reiki

In my last post, I talked briefly about the synergy between crystals and Reiki when combined.  As it happens,since then I've read a book entitled " REIKI WITH GEMSTONES' by Ursula Klinger Omenka.  I have a Reiki Facebook group and it is the latest book we are reading in our "Reiki Book Club".

I found out many things about the world of Reiki and crystals/stones I didn't know before, which is quite remarkable considering that I am certified as a Crystal Healer by two different teachers and have taken innumerable crystal healing courses.

One of them was "less is more" meaning it isn't desirable nor a good idea to load a body up with crystals/stoens (moderation!) when combining them with Reiki, (or probably when just doing Crystal Healing period), as this could elicit an "overactivation" causing the recipient to "close up" or even to experience a reaction such as tiredness or exhaustion.  

Also it's a good idea to have both the recipient of the session and the practitioner remove any and all jewelry as any type of jewelry emanates and can have an impact on the session. This includes watches, but especially any jewelry that has any kind of crystal or stone in it.

One of my favorite quotes from Ursula's book is "The stones are activated in their light vibrations through the concentrated light energy and the love from the divine, universal source that radiates on it's own from our Reiki hands.  In this way, the emanations of the gemstones are not only cleansed but also brought into the powerfully healing, harmonizing vibrations that correspond to the energy flow of Reiki.  It is only when they are touched with light and love that concealed, subtle powers of light are highlighted in the gemstones.  Reiki hands do this on their own in a completely simple and natural way". (page 38).

According to Ms. Klinger Omenka, long after the treatment and subsequent cleansing of the stones/crystals, they continue to radiate the Reiki energy out into the room where they were used, or if the practitioner is guided to do so, given to the recipient to take home to continue the healing process.  So it is a good idea to leave the stones you used during a treatment in the room because they are imparting a beneficial, pure and lovely atmosphere there.  

Just as you can gift the recipient with a crystal/s  as described above, you can also do the same for yourself.  So if you laid a particular crystal/stone/s on yourself during a Reiki self-treating session, just tuck it into your pocket for the day (or longer afterwards), or pop it into one of those little silver cages and wear it around your neck (close to your heart center is best I am told).

Placing crystals/stones on the energy centers (chakras) the light powers of the stones will be intensely activated and the recipient will take in their energy more thoroughly during the Reiki session.

So as you can see there is A LOT more about working with crystals/stones while doing Reiki then meets the eye


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