Monday, March 23, 2015


Many people ask to be trained in the higher levels of Reiki who have been initially trained by someone else and are are surprised to hear that they need to be re-attuned and retake any previous training before that can happen. One of the main reasons is that in my lineage (the way I trace my connection back to the creator of Reiki Dr. Mikao Usui through my teachers) in both of my lineages (I took Reiki from two different teachers) we give 5 Reiki symbols at Level II, 2 more at Level IIIa (Master Practitioner), and 1 more at Level IIIb (Master Teacher.
A lot of the students from other other teachers wanting to move up a level or two in training but were initially only given 3 Reiki symbols at Level II and 1 at the Master Level (some not offering the separate Reiki Master Levels like we do). Because we give and use these other symbols we attune people differently using these symbols thus creating the need for the re-attuned in order for them to train under me or anyone else in my lineage.
Another reason one would need to re-take the training (audit the classes they've already taken and be re-attuned) is because each teacher does things just a little bit differently according to who taught them and how. I've also had many students tell me their teachers only gave them a few poorly xeroxed copies of pages out of a book as a manual and no diagrams of hand positions for either self-treating, treating others, or proper explanations of how to send distant Reiki. I've also recently heard of a teacher who does not even give certificates for each level of training, something that would be a definite deal breaker for me. You should be given a certificate of completion of training for each level of Reiki you take.
These kinds of teaching practices tarnish the reputation of Reiki and it's practitioners. Teachers like this are only in it for a fast buck and have been either poorly trained or not trained at all possibly just read a few books and poked around a bit on the internet, therefore we have no way of knowing if the student was even properly attuned.

It is very important to find an accredited and experienced teacher to train with. Word of mouth is probably your best source of finding one, but there are many ways you can tell if the person you are thinking of taking your training with is really accredited, trustworthy, and knows what they're doing. I'll be talking about that in my next post!

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