Monday, February 23, 2015


Many of you may already be aware of the myriad of sensations and affects that one may experience while having a Reiki session, so this article is for those who don’t or who have experienced what I will describing and didn't know what was going on.

To begin with, the person having a session is called the RECEIVER and the Reiki person is called the PRACTITIONER. The Receiver may feel tingling, swirling, pulsing or fizzing sensations and/or heat in their hands/fingers or feet, or in other parts of their body, other then where the practitioner is working.

The things I’d like to talk about today though are twitches and jerks, sometimes even convulsive movements of the body. These again can be in the area where the practitioners hands are on the body, or in other areas of the body.
Twitching and jerking movements represent tension being released from the muscles in whatever area they occur. Just like any affect you my have during a Reiki session, not everyone is going to experience this.

Convulsive movements of the body (a very rare occurrence), either in one area or the whole body (yes that can happen) is a whole different matter. After doing a little research, I have come to understand that this can be somewhat dangerous, and if your receiver begins to do this, it is advisable for the you to back off.

In massage therapy, they use the phrase “issues in the tissues” and I feel that can be applied here. Some of the possibilities are that deep trauma or shame is being taped into, or possible old suppressed memories. Several of the practitioners I've talked to, including myself, were guided to stop working in the area they were in, remove their hands from the area and maybe even back away from the client for a short amount of time, and continue the session elsewhere, or stop the session altogether, depending on the severity of the convulsive movements.

This is new information for me. I will be conducting further research on it!


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  2. Being a practitioner having strong jerk while doing reiki, what does that mean?

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