Monday, December 16, 2013

Using Mantra Meditation to Improve you Intuition

I have always wondered why I only seem to bring in information for people and messages from their departed loved ones when I am channeling Reiki.   I recently signed up to take a course to become an Intuitive Life Coach after someone suggested that I would make a good one and I was searching for something new to get my teeth into.   I had no idea that the answer to that very long wondered about question would be answered in this course when I signed up for it.  When you are channeling Reiki for someone, you are sitting in the stillness and focusing your mind deeply on your hands and any sensations in them, and in the body of the receiver under your hands and listening!  Listening for guidance, listening for direction - do I stay here, do I move to the next position, do I change the position I'm in slightly because I am just getting a feeling, a nudge that if I just shifted to the right or left or even changed which hand is on top or whatever, then the energy would really start to flow even stronger.
Some people like to repeat the Reiki Precepts when channeling (which is a form of mantra mediation - did you know that?).  Others like to do Japa while channeling Reiki (repeating the name of a particular God/Goddess - Krishna, Shiva, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mohammed).  Others just like to be still, and focus on their breath and what's going on in their hands and under their hands.  There is no "right way", there is just your way, do what you feel like doing at the time.  But we all know that we need to quiet the mind and focus on the task at hand - channeling the energy, not on our laundry list of "to dos" after the session, what happened to us before the session, what the client revealed to us before the session and on and on.  Mind chatter or talking during Reiki interrupts the flow the energy and also, how are you going to hear guidance and direction if you're off having a conversation in your head with someone you just got off the phone with?    

My teacher, Sue Fredrick, author of  "I See Your Dream Job" and "Bridges to Heaven" (and several other books) says "do mantra meditation to heighten your intuition".   So what is mantra meditation?   It is simple sitting (on the floor or in a chair) quietly and repeating mentally a phrase like "Om Namah Shivaya (I bow to the divine self or God and I are One) or repeating the Lords Prayer (or whatever else you want to use like "Om Mani Padme Hum" or "Hail Mary" and so on, for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening (also known as Transcendental Meditation).  Then sit quietly in the stillness after you meditate and ask a question and wait for an answer.  You can also meditate right before going to sleep and when you've finished, ask that an answer to a question come to you in a dream.

When you are sitting in meditation 
and repeating your mantra (fast, slow, varying the speed, timing it with your breath or not - doesn't matter) you will start to notice that one part of your mind is repeating the mantra but another part of your mind is suddenly talking about a recent conversation and how you should have responded but didn't, thinking of what you are going to do after you meditate, a TV show you just watched or a song is going through your mind (all monkey mind stuff).  And another part of your mind is observing both of the other parts.  So what do you do?  Bring your attention back to your mantra, let go of the chatter and relax.  Do not beat yourself up about wandering off (that is attaching to the thought) simply bring your focus back to repeating your mantra.  Thich Knat Hanh (the Thai Buddhist monk made famous from his books, C's and DVD's on mindfulness meditation) said bringing your mind back to your mediation a 1,000 times is mediation, so no worries.

Another benefit of doing mantra meditation is that it raises your vibration!  So if you are feeling out of sorts, unbalanced, down in the dumps and focusing on the negative, sit in mediation and repeat "Om Namah Shivaya".  It is also said to erase all our sins!


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