Monday, June 24, 2013

After Your Clear a Room, Then What?

I just posted on my Reiki FB group some methods to clear a room using the power symbol (Usui CKR) by drawing it with a incense stick or smudge stick or even using a tuning fork that I saw mentioned in a wonderful article in the latest Reiki Magazine from the ICFRT - I gave full credit, and someone wrote back that when you clear a room, you need to then fill it up with Reiki energy because you've just created a vacuum and if you don't fill it with Reiki some baddies could come in.
One person responded by saying that "sage purifies the energy not so much clears away energy, since I draw the symbols with the sage I know my space is filled with Reiki energy".  Do yo feel that is true?
I've never seen this mentioned in any article or in any Reiki book which mentions using Reiki symbols to clear a room or any articles about smudging. 
While I can definitely see that this might have some basis of truth, you would think that it would be something regularly mentioned in Reiki books, which it is not (I have read over 55 and can unequivocally say that).
Will be doing some experimenting and talking to my guides about this and that will be another blog post!

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