Saturday, May 18, 2013

What is the Correct Direction that a Healthy, Open and Balanced Chakra Should be Spinning in?

I have been puzzling over the question of what the correct direction a chakras should be spinning in for quite awhile now. I could not find a definitive answer anywhere in a book or online or get a clear answer from anyone - until now! 

In his book "Heaven and Earth" James van Praagh wrote this " In a healthy chakra system, all chakra centers are spinning in a clockwise direction and are all interconnecting with each other. When a chakra system is totally open and functional, it is possible to live on one's own breath without food a water. The energy flowing through such a body is fundamentally clear of all toxins." 

God Bless you James Van Praagh!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY I have had confirmed what my pendulum had been telling me all along. The correct direction of the spin for a  healthy chakra is clockwise!!!!!! 

It is very easy to check a persons chakras using a pendulum.  Just connect to the energy of your Angels and guides by saying a little invocation like "I ask the Holy Spirit and my guides and Angels to be here and present now and speak to my through this pendulum".  Then hold the pendulum over the first chakra (base or root chakra) and ask "Show me the correct direction that so and so's  (your clients name) base chakra  should be spinning in right now" and wait.  When your pendulum has shown you whether it  should be spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise (some peoples chakras do need to spin the opposite direction sometimes - but very rarely) then ask "Show me what direction so and so's chakras IS spinning in right now. " 

Work up the chakras to the crown using this method.  If you have been taught a chakra balancing technique either using Reiki or crystals, then you and your clients can decide which chakra or chakras to work on to bring the system into balance.


  1. Hi, I been wondering the same and still not sure...Lets look at the male Chakras, starting at the Crown it rotates clockwise, the third eye is anti clockwise throat clockwise heart anti clockwise so on and so fourth....Female rotates Crown Anticlockwise and so on.James Van Praagh stated clockwise....Is that from the view or the receiver or the person who is giving the treatment?


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