Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Exponential Power of Reiki

So I know that the power of Reiki is exponentially increased by the number of Reiki Practitioners you have working on you at once, meaning squared, so if there are two people working on you (like at a Reiki share) for example, then the power of the Reiki energy being channeled is increased by four!
I have been puzzling and puzzling over why I get so much information from one person and practically nothing or nothing from another.   When working on another Reiki Master earlier this week, I was getting tons of information and it hit me! 
When we are working on someone else in a Reiki session who is Reiki also, then not only is the power of the energy increased exponentially, but also the psychic or intuitive stuff is also amplified!  This explains why when many of my very psychic and mediumistic Reiki practitioner friends are at my Reiki shares we have all kinds of information flowing: we're seeing guides, people in Spirit, Angels and have even been visited by Usui and possible Hayashi as well as Kwan Yin and so on.
For some of you this may be a "duh" right, but for me it was a major light bulb. Another piece of the puzzle just fell into place, like the fact that a Spirit Guide is someone who was in the physical here on the Earth plane at one point but is now in Spirit and has decided to become a Spirit Guide to either you or someone else.  Just one more piece falling into place.

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