Monday, March 25, 2013

My Journey with Crystals and Stones

From of a very early age I was very drawn to nature – gathering wild flower bouquets for my mother (when she and I had major seasonal allergies) tending to a wild bird with a broken wing, or gathering a jar full of bees (to my nannies chagrin).  When we moved to the town where I eventually ended up going to junior high and high school, I took long walks by myself and drug home pocketfulls of stones I found lying along the side of the road and elsewhere. 
On one of my wanderings, I discovered the town’s local rock shop and spent enthralled hours drooling over the stones and crystals and talking to the owner’s head off and watching how he tumbled stones in the back.   I remember bringing him handfuls of one particular stone I found in large quantities along the side of the road and he told me it was some sort of calcite that was found everywhere in the area.  I remember buying one of those boards with the stones glued to it, with their names spelled out underneath.   Then I became a teenager and lost interest in them altogether. 
Several years ago we were forced to leave our home in Illinois because it was inundated with toxic mold and ended up moving to Wisconsin.  One of the jobs I was able to get right away was working at Mimosa Books & Gifts as a sales clerk, later becoming Assistant Manager.  I was very drawn to all the stones and crystals in the store, spending a good amount of my paycheck on handfuls of tumbled and rough crystals/stones or pendants and rings.  One day, the resident psychic/medium Akeeya started doing Crystal Healing classes. I took a class and was hooked.  Then I hosted a two day workshop with the owner of Free Spirit Crystals of Butler, Wisc., at a local venue and became a Level I Crystal Healer (and added a lot more to my collection!)
A few years later, I took another a Crystal Healing correspondence course with Master Crystologist Ashley Leavy (now co-owner of Mimosa).   I also have been hosting Crystal Healing Classes in my home that Ashley teaches and I am greatly looking forward to hosting a series of three Crystal Reiki classes here, starting in March.
I began incorporating crystals into my Reiki practice, and placed a crystal grid in my healing space and another grid under my Reiki table. I had a Feng Shui consultant come in and learned about placing certain crystals in each room to enhance the flow of energy better in them.  I also place crystals/stones on my clients during Reiki sessions when I feel guided to do so or they ask me to, but recently I felt it was time to step it up and put all this education to good use.  So I began offering Chakra Healing Crystal layouts to my Reiki students and friends for free in exchange for feedback in preparation to begin offering them to the public.
The results have been astounding.  I had no expectations going into the sessions, as I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the feedback I am getting is blowing my mind.  People are reporting being able to “feel” the energy of the crystals shooting off in all directions, pulsing energy from the crystals, seeing colors behind their closed eyes, feeling things leaving their bodies, having visions and more.  I had no idea!
I feel very confidently that it is time to offer these three crystal layouts to the public – Chakra Healing, Chakra Balancing and Chakra Activation.  Simply put, Crystal healing works on the principle that the crystals vibrate at a higher frequency then we do because they are absolutely perfect, being made of a duplicated pattern of molecules and when we place them on our bodies by wearing them like in a pendant, in a medicine pouch, earrings, bracelet or they are placed on our bodies during layouts, then our body is “entrained” to their vibration, thus raising ours. 
 For more information on Crystal Healing and these layouts, please visit my website and look under the “What is Crystal Healing” tab. Some of these layouts are recommended for people with ADD, anxiety, fatigue, under a lot of stress, but anyone can benefit from these layouts.               
I personally believe that the Creator (Source of all Wisdom, Divine Mind, Great Spirit, whatever you want to call Him/Her) has put all these crystals, stones, herbs, oils, plants, flowers and more on this planet to help us.  To be used to heal us, and nourish us.  I am very grateful for all the teachers and opportunities that have come my way to bring me the knowledge of the uses of all of the Creators gifts.  

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